Pathways to Climate Success

A documentary film for our FIT Documentary Film Production class, that examines the cause of climate change, its effect on the NY/Metropolitan Area and potential solutions to reduce and/or reverse global warming.

The concept for this film was inspired by Miranda Massie, Director of the Climate Museum, who believes that the need to balance urgency with positive solutions is the key to conquering the effects of global warming – a philosophy she describes as “Pathways to Climate Success.”

The film presents examples of the results of climate change, including the increase in severe storms, such as Superstorm Sandy, and the impact on habitat and pollinators, such as the decline of honeybees that are responsible for maintaining our food supply. It highlights solutions currently being implemented and/or are in development. These include lifestyle changes such as reducing our use of transportation that relies on fossil fuels; encouraging the use of renewable sources of energy, such as electric cars; the development of a new biofuel using Lemna or Duckweed by scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories on Long Island, and the planting of flowers and trees and installation of urban beehives to preserve the bee population and ensure these pollinators can carry out their role in agriculture, to maintain the quality and quantity of produce.

Shot with a Canon C100 Digital Video Camera and edited with Adobe Premiere Elements CC 2015.

Produced and Directed by DYLAN DELL’ERBA and MAX HECHTMAN
Shot and Edited by MAX HECHTMAN
Production Assistant JOSH TEPPER
Music: “DENOUNCEMENT” by KAI ENGEL (Adapted to fit length of film. Licensed under an Attribution License.